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I Am Still Alive!

Word Count: 48,700

I know it may not seem like it here, but I am alive. I haven't blogged in a while because I kept getting spam on my LJ. :/ Annoying!

In the mean time I was picked up by an agent, got asked to illustrate a Fantasy Art instructional book, Grimm's Dark Tales, for Walter Foster in their FANTASY UNDERGROUND line, redesigned my website, started picking up wonderful clients (both publishers and self-pubs) for my design biz, broke with said agent, started new ms KILL HEART, finished DARKNESS BRUTAL, and just last week I got an offer from a new agent for that.

And that's where you find me. :)

I'm opening up for commissions for the New Year and you can email me through my website for rates on character creation, cover design, and photoshopping yourself into an elf ;)

HAPPY 2014!!!

Claimed ~ Soul Marks Series


Wow, a lot has happened since you've been away! And no kidding about the LJ spam--that has been such a nuisance! I just checked out your website, and wow, the layout is so, so pretty. It's also very easy to navigate, which is always a plus!

Hope you have a fantastic 2014! :)