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Lost In You

And so...

Word Count: 60,600

I'm very excited to announce that I have signed a new licensing contract for my art! This one is with Fantasy Fabric Blocks. I'm a huge quilter and LOVE to design bags and wall hangings, so this is a major thrill for me to be able to have my own art available to play with. Can't wait to make my first piece!

So, my writing... As you know, I've been offline for a while now, mostly because it takes so much time and energy--of which I have little these days. But, I determined a few weeks ago to not let life crap mess with my goals anymore. I'm not going to let my worry about what's happening tomorrow keep me from finishing what I started yesterday. And I started this writing journey seven years ago, and am in no way finished...lol. So far I'm making good progress. 14k more on Golden and writing a little more every spare second I get.

Here's to progress!



Congratulations! It's good to hear from you. :)
Ooh, how exciting! I used to quilt, and would love to get back into the hobby again sometime. So cool to learn how your art will be used this way!

Also, good luck writing. Show GOLDEN who's boss! ;)