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Winter Isn't Just A Time Of Year

So, life's been...shall I say: weird. With a capital "W"

My last post here I had just finished GOLDEN (YAY). Now, I'm racking up the rejects (not so yay). But, hey, we don't do this for the kudos, do we? If we did, God help us...lol. I've also been homeschooling my two older kids through a Charter school, and bargaining with the staff of the Charter to let me use my own methods/curriculum has been exciting. They've been great, but it's been loads of time and work and research. My son has several learning disabilities and while the State has their ways, I know my son better than anyone, and we're enjoying learning together and growing. Satisfying. But still, a lot of work. Then my dad got very very sick and ended up going in and out of the emergency room for about a month. It's been quite the ride with no writing time in site. *collapses*

To kick the blues of all the insanity I decided to put one of my novellas out on Kindle and Nook. I'm so tired of waiting. I know that nine years isn't a whole lot in the scheme of some writer's stories but with cancer and near-death mixed in there I feel like I'm waiting for a guest that's never going to show up at my door, no matter how pretty I've made my house. Or they'll just stand in the doorway and sneer at the cat hair on my floors...

Winter Rose is one of my soul stories. It's not typical or simple, but it's probably the best work I've done or will do (she's had a nine year journey all her own). So, I'm presenting her to the world, and hoping she's received with open arms by a few readers, hoping that she'll speak to someone's heart and maybe open an eye or two. And then I can say, all this wasn't a complete waste of time and sweat and blood.

I also did the cover myself:

You can buy her on Kindle

If you have the time, I'd love to hear what you think. And I'd love to hear about your ebook journey, if you have one. :)


I love the cover ;o)
Thanks! It was fun to do. :) And now I'm addicted to making covers...lol
Oh wow, what a gorgeous cover! Congrats!
Thanks, Dragonmyst! It took me a while but it was fun!
Wow, that cover is gorgeous! I might buy it just to have something pretty to look at in my Kindle library. (And to read it, of course...)
Thnx, glitter! :)
it's so great to hear from you! I'm glad you're trying the e-book route, I think it makes sense. There's a book about epubbing called "Let's Get Digital..." and another one by Smashwords I've heard about, but it sounds as if you're doing fine, your book is lovely, and I'll buy it asap :)
Awesome, Kara! Thanks so much! Yah, so far I'm just glad to have my work available. I put it free today and it's so cool to know so many people have a chance to read this story.

Hope all is good with you!
Thanks, gsemones!
That cover is absolutely stunning! I've added Winter Rose to my Amazon wishlist so I remember to buy it.... :)
Thanks, chicky! :)