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Well to all those who are interested:


Yes, it is true. 89k and will probably grow and shrink a little as the editing process begins. I'm taking a few weeks off before jumping in on that, though. A little camping, a little spring cleaning and volunteering at my daughter's school, then it'll be back to the grind and making GOLDEN the most shiny little lady she can be.

A two year journey that consisted of two tossed out half-drafts with a detour through chemo and two surgeries and a hugely bad case of writer's block: Phase one, complete...


YAY! You go!!
Thanks, Ellen! *hugs*


Yes! Beta, please? :D
It's almost ready... ;)


Yea! Rachel! I'm so happy for you! What a great accomplishment. And yes, it's a good thing to take some time off before you jump into the edits. You'll have a fresh eye then and can see things you'd miss now.


Re: Congrats!

I know...it's going to be tough to get too much of a fresh eye after so long working on this thing. But a girl can hope for clarity. ;) See you Saturday! Yay!


That's wonderful! This is the one you were working on when I was in your crit group, right? I'm sure it's much changed since then, but I remember the story fondly. Woohoo!

Re: Congrats!

Not sure...it's my third completed ms. But this is the one that took the longest to finish. Mean 'ol thing. ;)
Thanks, chicky! *happydance*
Woo Hoo! Congrats!! :D
Thanks! :D
Whoo! Go you for finally completing it!!!

~\o/~ ~\o/~ ~\o/~

Good luck for when you finally jump into the editing process. ;)
Yah, and I thought that other bit was hard...now comes the really fun part...lol. :)


Yay!!! :D That's awesome! :D Congratulations!

-Becca Johnson
Aww....Becca!!!! Thanks so much, chicky! *hugs*
Wooooo! Well done!

I loved that story when we were in the novel crit group. :)
lol...Yay, Noteboard! Man, I'm not sure if I would have kept writing on it if not for you guys cheering me on when she was just a baby book. Really needed those kudos back then.
Congrats, Rachel. :-) I spent almost two years on the one that I just finished, too. Feels good to finally be done, although I suspect I'll have to do more revisions yet.
Kurt! Man, I totally have been thinking about your "bones" book lately! I never did give you my final critter--dumb surgery. I guess it's too late now, huh? *sigh* You're all agented and awesomeness. ;) YAY! I'd love to beta for you again to make up for it, if you need any help. I really love your work...
Yep, too late. :-) I actually did a pretty substantial revision on it before it landed me my agent. Changed the gender of one of the main characters and everything. I think I might have made it too dark for MG, though. Oh well. Hindsight...

I could definitely use another reader for "Crater City" if you're game. Do you have the same email as before? I'll take care of some minor edits and send it to you either over the weekend or early next week.

Feel free to send "Golden" my way as well if you need another set of eyes.
Rachel, I am so totally jazzed for you. My heart leapt when I saw those words!
Yay, thanks! And hey, I got into LH... :) So, thanks for that, too!
I am SO proud of you!! That means 3 of us in our writer's group have finished books in the past month or so. Phew. Can't WAIT to read Golden! *happy dancing*
Merrie!!!! *happydance&hugs&happydance&hugs* You are the bestest bff a bff ever hads!
Fantastic! Enjoy your well-earned rest :)
Thanks, Kara! I'll certainly try. :)